nedjelja, 10. lipnja 2012.

Relaxing Techniques

I have heard many times something like this:

I can't relax, no matter what I do I simply can't relax. I hardly can fall asleep.
 You need to lower stress level before you start to relax. So I decided to post about relaxing techniques and how to relax because that might be helpful for you. I know some friends of mine that also can't relax and there are different reasons why is someone unable to relax easily.

 Usually and most people are unable to relax because of those reasons:
  • anxiety disorder
  • nervousness
  • bad job (or even worse boss)
Different techniques

There are different techniques to relax and you might choose one you suit to you. To some people suit more physical ways to relax such as running, jogging, playing some sport or in general - physical activity. We all know that physical activity is probably best way to relax but there are also other ways to relax but most people tend to forgot those ways.

It would be even good if we would practice enough physical activity each day - but most people tend to not even do something like that.

We are probably lazy or something, so we aren't physically active.

Most people that physical exercise isn't relaxing at all and that's boring. That might be true. It's not relaxing in a way that you will be physically tired, your muscles will be activated, you will need to take a shower afterward and in general - you don't feel that relaxed.

But there is another type of relaxation. You feel relaxed inside of your mind. You feel happy, you don't feel nervous and you simply feel less stressful. You maybe might feel tired physically in a way that you feel tired, weary and you want to have a good sleep. But actually you feel relaxed. After sleep or shorter sleep known as nap, you will feel fresh new - totally relaxed.

But most people tend to not do physical activity - but don't worry.

There are other ways to relax too. For example, let me ask you do you sleep enough? 8 hours a day is enough of sleep for adult person but most people tend to ignore to sleep. Some people tend to go to bed at like 2 AM and than wake up at 6 AM.

Than, tell me how you can feel relaxed and peaceful at the job?

Of course that you will be nervous, anxious and stressful a lot.

Also some people tend to ignore the breakfast (lunch in the very morning of the day). Doctors says that breakfast is most important lunch of the daytime so you shouldn't ignore it. Not at all!

Also it's very important to mention that some people simply don't breathe properly. Neither they want to pay attention and learn how to breath properly. That's also very important and I most likely will speak about that in the future.